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Continuous Ink System For EPSON R270 R290 Inkjet Printers(80-PP)High Quality Pigment Ink for Wide Format Printers

Continuous Ink System For HP 02 Series Inkjet Printers(80-PP)
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Continuous Ink System For HP 02 Series Inkjet Printers(80-PP)

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Continuous Ink System CIS CISS For HP 02 8250 3210 3310 8230 3110 8238 3308 3108 D5108 D7160 D7360 C5180 C6180 C7180 C8180 C7280 C6280 D7260 D7360 D7460 D7250 C8721 8771 8772 8773 8774 8775 Inkjet Printers

For Cartridge Number: #02 C8721 C8771 C8782 C8773 C8774 C8775

Prefilled with Ink Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta

Excellence of this system: 
- Significant Saving on printing cost
- Environmentally Protective, no waste ink
- Smooth ink flow for better printing quality
- Easy installation and less maintenance for printers
- High quality, low cost. Reduce the printing cost by 90% compare with the original inkjet cartridge.

How to refill when CISS tank is near to used up?
It's EASY! Just simply purchase a new supply of any color before you run out of ink (at least 10% ink left in the outter tank) and just pour the ink into the tank. We recommend to use our same quality refill inks.

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