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Continuous Inking Ssytem for EPSON Inkjet Printers (110ml)
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Continuous Inking Ssytem for EPSON Inkjet Printers (110ml)

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Continuous Inking System,Bulk Ink System for Epson C90/cx5500; Epson C91/cx4300; Epson C92/CX5600C; Epson 79/CX3900/CX5900
For Cartridge Number: T0731-T0734 series cartridges
Prefilled with Ink Volume: 4 Colors X 110 ml: Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow

The CISS consists of a high-capacity ink reservoir that is attached to a cartridge via secure tubing. The tubing acts as a vacuum to extract ink from the reservoir and keep the cartridge full of ink. Because of the large reservoir capacity, you can print for an extended period of time without running low right away.

This system comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions, ink, and all accessories needed to successfully use the system. The included cartridges have a permanent smart chip already installed, which will automatically reset itself when your printer power is turned off (for 5 seconds) and turned back on. No mess! No leaking!

Excellence of this system:
- Significant Saving on printing cost
- Environmentally Protective, no waste ink
- Smooth ink flow for better printing quality
- Easy installation and less maintenance for printers
- High quality, low cost. Reduce the printing cost by 90% compare with the original inkjet cartridge.

How to refill when ink of CISS tank is near to used up?
It's EASY! Just simply purchase a new supply of any color before you run out of ink (at least 10% ink left in the outter tank) and just pour the ink into the tank. We recommend to use our same quality refill inks.

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