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Epson 7800 9800 Refillable Cartridge
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Epson 7800 9800 Refillable Cartridge

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Refillable cartridge for Large format printer Epson 4400 /4800/7000 / 7400 / 7600 /7800/ 9000 / 9400 / 9600/ 9800,EPSON4880/4450/7880/7450/9880/9450 and so on!


  • The size of its appearance is 220ml, the same as the original one ;
  • This bulk ink system can be refill ink conveniently and succinctly.
  • Large capacity of 220ml/440ml/680ml is the continuous ink system
    for wide format printers.
  • The nozzle is replaceable.
  • The balance equipment is inside the cartridge, prevent leaking the ink.
  • The filter can be replaced in the nozzle, prevent blocking the printer head.
  • Adopt the transparent material for the cartridge, can see the ink level anytime.