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HP5500,HP 5000 Compatible Cartridge
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HP5500,HP 5000 Compatible Cartridge

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Refillable Cartridge / Bulk Ink System for Wide Format Printers (wide format printers)

1.This bulk ink system can be refill ink conveniently.
2.Large capacity of 220ml/440ml/680ml is the continuous ink system for wide format printers.
3.The balance equipment is inside the cartridge, prevent leaking the ink.
4.Come with chips and syringes,fill ink then can be installed to printers.
5.Adopt the transparent material for the cartridge, can see the ink level anytime.

Most of epson large format printer,part of HP and Canon have Refillable Catridge,Such as: 

Epson 4450, Epson 7880, Epson 7450,
Epson 9880, Epson 9450, Epson 9000,
EPSON 3000/7000
CANON8200 / 7200 / 6200 / 6400 / 8400
HP5500/5000/1050 etc.

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